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Hi! Welcome to our pool deck cleaning in Fort Myers web page. We're glad you're here. As you probably know, pool decks and lanais tend to get pretty scuzzy when not properly cleaned. The salty sea air of the Florida coast leaves all sorts of poolside "gifts." Things like silt, seagull droppings, reptile casings, and algae are just a few examples of what can litter your pool and patio area.

In addition, with humidity being high in The Sunshine State and frequent rain showers, your deck can fall prey to mold and mildew, which can lead to health problems and nasty stains. The good news is our professional power washers have industry-leading solutions for blasting away dirt and grime.

We use eco-friendly detergents and our trusted truck-mounted pressure washing equipment to get the job done right the first time. Don't worry! If you have weak spots on your deck, we will use the soft wash method to ensure the integrity of your surfaces. Now, who's ready for some expert cleaning services? You? Great! Give us a call at Fort Myer Pressure Washing Services to schedule an appointment right now!

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Is Pressure Cleaning the Pool Deck Really Necessary?

It's a common misconception that pool decks stay clean due to being exposed to water consistently. Just the opposite is true. Cleaning pool deck pavers in Fort Myers does more than just sweep away dirt and debris. Viruses, bacteria, and mold need to be eradicated with special detergents to keep you and your family safe. Here are some other benefits that may interest you:

  • Prevents Property Damage - Moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and algae growth, and pool decks are the perfect breeding ground. Regular pressure cleaning services blast those substances away and prevent them from breaking down your surfaces.
  • You'll Save Money - It's much easier on your wallet to invest in an affordable pressure washing service than repairing or replacing an entire pool deck or lanai. Organic substances can make cracks in concrete or pavers much worse.
  • Makes Your Property Marketable - Are you trying to sell your home? The pool area is a golden selling point, but not if the deck is stained and cruddy. Professional soft washing services can transform the pool deck, patio, and lanai areas into something worth showing!

We've got a solution for every blot, blemish, and stain on your pool deck area. Our crew is experienced in concrete, pavers, and wood decking. If you'd like to learn more about our exterior cleaning methods and pool deck cleaning, please visit our blog, where you'll find loads of information.

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Got a Dirty Pool Deck? Get Expert Cleaning in Fort Myers NOW!

A lot goes into your pool area and keeps it functional. Our company also offers professional pool cage cleaning in Fort Myers. We make sure to polish up every aspect of your pool deck and lanai area. When stains and organic matter are allowed to build up on concrete and other materials, they can slowly eat away and erode surfaces.

It's essential to have at the very least seasonal power washing services to keep buildup off your pool deck and surrounding area. We use a combination of detergents and highly pressurized water to ensure all cracks and crevices are thoroughly cleaned out, and no hidden germs remain.

We've seen devastating consequences occur when home and commercial exteriors are not adequately cleaned. It's incredible what environmental dirt and grime can do to pavement, wood, cement, and plastic. Our goal is to keep your outdoor pool deck, a place of relaxation and fun, sparkling clean.

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Fort Myers Pool Deck Power Washing & Cleaning for the Win! 

Fort Myers Pressure Washing Services is your one-stop-shop for all things clean on the outside. Our pressure washing company highly values customer satisfaction, so you can plan on your pool deck and lanai looking like new. Our goal is to ensure you and your family get to enjoy your pool area for many years to come.

Proper cleaning measures can make that happen. We only use the best quality products and equipment to ensure a clean like you've never seen! It's amazing what our experienced pressure washers can do in just a matter of hours. We promise you're going to love the results. Contact us now via phone, email, or our convenient online form.



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"I highly recommend this pressure washing team. The owner took the time to answer all my questions and explain the process over the phone. The work they did dramatically improved the look of my home's siding and the roof! You can't beat their affordable prices either! Couldn't be happier with the services received."
-Grant C.

We've Got Pressure Washing Services for All Fort Myers Property Owners

Fort Myers Pressure Washing Services offers a buffet of exterior cleaning help for residential and commercial customers. We clean up roofs, gutters, pavers, whole houses, and even offer sealing services. Get in touch with our team for pressure washing services now to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation and estimate.

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Call Upon the Calvary of Clean Exteriors!

The grit & grime of your commercial and residential hardscapes don't scare us! In fact, they don't stand a chance against our world-famous soft wash method. Want to learn more? Call us at (239) 356-1899
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